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Agility. Flexibility. Innovation. Creativity. Ability to adapt to changing technology. These are the characteristics of today’s Kung Fu Nonprofit Marketer.

Po - Kung Fu Panda

Why “Kung Fu?” I finally saw the movie Kung Fu Panda and loved it! Quite entertaining.

The panda is named Po and he got plopped into a situation he wasn’t prepared for. He knew the history and legends of Kung Fu, but he had never learned how to practice and master the martial art.

Yet he charged forward with enthusiasm. Learned new skills. He adapted and took a completely new approach to mastering Kung Fu. He loved to learn.

Soon Po had to face his foe – a Kung Fu expert feared by the entire country – who had repeatedly defeated Kung Fu masters with years and years of experience. Yet Po, a rookie, faced him with confidence. He took a calculated risk and met it head on.

Po adapted as his foe threw dangerous moves at him that Po had never seen.  He was innovative in his approach to Kung Fu and overcoming challenges. Po defeated his dangerous foe.

What does our adorable Kung Fu Panda
have to do with nonprofit marketing?

Our world of marketing has changed drastically in the last five years. It’s not enough to be competent. We must adapt to new technology. We must be agile, flexible, and innovative.

I read recently that marketing “… is changing so fast now that it’s adapt or die.”

You must keep pace with progress or get left behind. And today getting left behind just might cause your nonprofit to shrink and wither away.

Keeping up with technology and the rapidly changing expectations of donors and members doesn’t mean you have to try to implement or embrace every single new social media site, technology improvement, or other shiny gizmo.

But you must keep pace with progress and face new challenges as Po did. Let’s use mobile as an example:

Yes – You definitely need a mobile-friendly version of your website. And it’s a good idea to add barcodes (e.g., QR codes) to your print marketing pieces that smart phones can scan.

No – You don’t have to run text-to-donate campaigns (especially if it’s a big stretch for your budget).

That’s not all. This topic goes beyond emerging technology and changing supporter demands.

I’m also talking about trying something new in your marketing. Take a few risks. Be bold in your creative (i.e., copy and design). Don’t always do what everyone else does. How can you get noticed by donors and members that way?

The article went on to say, “We need folks with wicked good skills and a start-up mentality – people who take constant measures and calculated risks, understanding that nothing is completely under their control. When they act, it’s with passion and ingenuity.”

Kung Fu Marketer

Follow Panda Po’s example: Become agile, innovative, flexible, and adapt to change. Embrace change. Take calculated risks. Be a Kung Fu Nonprofit Marketer.

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