How to engage donors and prospects during Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Random Acts of Kindness Week is fast approaching: February 14-20, 2011.  Finalize your plans now.  This is a great time to engage your donors, advocates, volunteers, and prospects with simple yet rewarding activities.  It’s also an opportunity for professional membership associations to engage members.

Don’t make it complicated. 

For example: Send a nice e-card via email to donors, volunteers, supporters, members, etc.  The card has a simple warm message of kindness that people would enjoy reading.  Ask your supporters to continue the random act by forwarding the e-card to a friend.  Be sure the card has the name of your nonprofit on there somewhere!

It’s a nice thing to do because the message is simple.  You could use a quote about kindness, or create a message related to your mission.  And these e-cards help spread word about your organization.

Here are a couple ideas for e-cards:

1. Email subject: Thanks for all you do.  Card has stunning photo of a national park. Card message: “Our country is blessed with great natural wonders. Get out and enjoy the parks this weekend. Nature is waiting for you.”  Email also states: Thanks for all you do for us each and every day.  I hope you’ll forward this to your friends and family so they too can enjoy the view and be reminded to experience the beauty of our country.

2. Email subject: Salute our veterans.  Card has a photo of a military member, or group of military men and women.  Card message: “Join us in saluting all veterans – past and present – for their sacrifice and courage in defending our country, and preserving the freedoms we cherish.”  Email also states: Forward this to your friends and family as a sign of support for veterans.  Thank you.

Another possibility is to suggest acts of kindness to your supporters that connect to your mission. 

For hospitals and other health care nonprofits . . . send an email (Subject line might be, Brighten their day) to your list.  Suggest they purchase some 99¢ cards; sign them; and drop them off at a hospital for distribution to people with the illness your nonprofit helps to treat or does research for. 

Also cross promote your e-card and other ideas with a page on your website devoted solely to Random Acts of Kindness Week (a unique landing page).  You can drive traffic to your website via Twitter, an online press release, post card, Facebook, or even a very simple and super short video on YouTube.

Regarding the online press release . . . Write up a great story and you’ll get press coverage. Especially if you include a few captivating photos. You can send out a release announcing your plans and how you’ll involve many people. And another when it’s completed. That’s two opportunities to increase awareness of your mission. (Need help writing a strong online press release?  I invite you to contact me because writing online press releases is a service I offer; also online video scripts.)

If you want more ideas on how to engage your supporters along with fodder to stimulate your creativity then here are three websites I found that ought to do the job: . . . Kindness ideas (scroll down the web page) for the homeless, parents, the homebound, the sick, heroes, seniors, children, and many more. . . . Activities for kids and teachers. . . . West Virginia University joined with the United Way to sponsor Random Acts of Kindness Week.    

I think Random Acts of Kindness Week is a powerful opportunity for nonprofits. 

Not only is it a way to increase how your supporters (and prospects) interact with you; but you cultivate and strengthen your relationship with them at the same time.  They’ll appreciate a way to help people that doesn’t involve a request for a donation.  And again, professional associations can also promote this to your members.

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