Have a Super Bowl Party with your Association Members via email

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Now you might be thinking, “How can I have a Super Bowl party with members who are scattered across the country?”  Valid question. 

 Answer: Make it virtual.

And I’m not referring to anything high-tech.  Just use the Super Bowl to have fun and engage your members.   Don’t worry if your association has absolutely NOTHING to do with football because it’s probably a safe bet that there are men and women within your membership who enjoy the game.  And many will also enjoy the chance to just have a little fun!

Here’s the concept: You send out an email with a link to vote (consider SurveyMonkey) on which team they think will win along with the final score.  The winner receives a free product your association sells such as a book, popular webinar or something similar.

Then on Sunday during the game you periodically send out Tweets to keep people posted on who some of the front runners are.  As soon as you know who the winner is, call them up and try to get a 10 or 15-second audio recording of the winning member.  Share this via email on Monday to all the membership. 

Why strive for a short audio quote from the winner?  Because when your members read the email they take one more step to engage by clicking to hear who won and their thoughts.  You feature a member; the spotlight is on the member and not you; and your members are engaged at several steps during the event:

  1. responding to the initial email and poll (members send in their numbers for the final score and winning team)
  2. checking in on Twitter during the game
  3. getting the email on Monday and then clicking to hear the news of who won along with a few words from the winning member

And anytime you can engage members you strengthen your relationship with them.  You build loyalty.  So have a bit of fun with your members with a virtual Super Bowl party.  Who knows what ideas it may spark for other events during the rest of the year.

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