Happy Independence Day America

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us_flagThis upcoming weekend is a special one for all patriotic Americans because Sunday is July 4th – Independence Day.  That also means the following Monday is a Federal holiday and many will have a 3-day weekend.

How will you and your family celebrate the birth of our nation?  Weekend getaway to the beach?  Hiking and camping in one of our amazing National Parks?  Family get together to grill hamburgers and hot dogs?  Watch a parade or fireworks? 

Exactly what you do isn’t as important as remembering why we have this holiday weekend.  As you reflect on the Fourth of July, I ask you to also pause for a moment to say “thank you to all who served, fought, and died for our country in our armed services.” 

Over the 234 years of America’s history, many have sacrificed a great deal – and continue to do so today in Iraq and Afghanistan – so that we can enjoy unparalleled freedoms in our country.  Yes, the hearts of Americans are generous.  But those of you who work at a nonprofit are reminded of that daily.

I wish all my fellow Americans a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

And because today is July 1st, I’ll add best wishes to our good neighbors to the north in their celebration of Canada Day.

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