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I came across three articles from the news worth sharing.  They’re all interesting and sometimes fun sources of revenue for charities.

1 – Hewlett-Packard (HP) has changed its corporate giving policy.

HP’s new policy means they’ll not only give money to charity, but also “…the expertise of its employees to build solutions for nonprofits.”  No doubt about the fact that receiving their expertise has considerable value!

One example cited (article by VentureBeat.com) was for the NGO “mothers2mothers” in South Africa.  By collecting and sharing data via basic mobile phones, they can serve more patients.  Ultimately this means they reduce the HIV-transmission rates from pregnant women to their child.

HP focuses on education and health.

Takeaway:  Is your mission related to education or health?  Does HP know about you?

2 – Get a drink, help a charity

“Since early December, Eldon’s Restaurant in Sioux City, Iowa has taken on a guest bartender every Thursday night.  That bartender chooses a charity and Eldon’s donates 20% of bar profit, and sets out tip jars, with that money going to the charity.” (KTIV.com news article)

Apparently it is standing room only and folks enjoy helping while they socialize, and the bartenders don’t have to be pros (e.g., radio hosts scheduled to be guest bartenders).  Oh, and it’s mostly up to the bartender to spread the word and draw in the people.

Takeaway: Is there a restaurant in your area that’s willing to get publicity, help a cause, and draw in more customers? 

3 – Springtime Sweethearts Charity Zip Wire Challenge

This particular event takes place in the UK in February.  The special event is organized by The Stroke Association and the Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund.  Two charities encourage companies and individuals to form teams that raise money for the charities

Sounds like this zip wire (zip line) is fairly high up.  Challengers tackle the 250m (that’s 820 feet or about 0.16 miles long) zip wire off the Imperial War Museum North.  The biggest zip-line I’ve dared to try is only about 30 yards long and a few feet off the ground.  I’d definitely be a spectator at this event in the UK.

Takeaway:  Could you team up with another nonprofit (charity or association) and organize a fun event for people?  If you don’t like the idea of a zip-wire/zip-line, how about a go-cart race?  Or if your charity has anything at all to do with aviation (and many do), have a toy airplane flying contest.  Make them out of paper, balsa wood, or whatever you choose.

Consider every opportunity to raise funds.  Perhaps suggest ideas to businesses (e.g., bartender fundraising, contests on just about anything … including zip-line challenges).  And be on the lookout for surprises like the three examples I cited here today.  Perhaps you can join in.

There are many diverse ways for charities to get help: money, gifts-in-kind, plus expertise and services.  And they come in a wide variety of ways as today’s post illustrates.

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