Charitable Solution to Unwanted Stuff

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Here’s an example of charities connecting with the right business to help their cause.  In this case, the business is Major League Baseball but the principles are the same.

Last night the Phillies lost the World Series to the Yankees.  But what you may not know is that they need to have all the apparel manufactured and ready to sell before the final results of the championship games are known.

This means that the Phillies and the Yankees both had apparel and merchandise ready for market.  But since the Phillies lost, what do they do with their stuff? Give it to charity.  This way the hats, shirts and so on don’t go to waste.

Specifically World Vision receives the gifts-in-kind.  World Vision is an international antipoverty group located in Federal Way, Washington.  According to World Vision the Phillies apparel is headed for children and families in Indonesia.  They were hit by an earthquake in September.

But that’s not all they’re getting.  The Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers also sent apparel to World Vision when each team lost their league championship series.  An additional heart-warming fact is that the nonprofit says for some recipients, the baseball donations are the first new piece of clothing they have ever owned.

Now that’s a neat solution to unwanted stuff.  And it’s a good nonprofit-business partnership.

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