Cause Marketing survey says: Donors like this idea so much that 56% will support the nonprofit

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That’s right!  56% are likely to actively support the nonprofit IF the cause is clear and it breaks through the advertising clutter.

Therefore, as you establish strategic cause marketing partnerships with corporations, get involved in the marketing and branding.  Make certain your message does come through.  Again, prospective donors need to easily identify the “cause” and what you do for society.

This data and more is part of the 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker survey released in March.

But before you rush out and grab a corporate partner, keep at least these two factors in mind as you’re shopping for one:

  1. Choose a corporation that consumers trust.  78% of Americans say that the right partnership – one with a nonprofit and a company they trust – makes the cause stand out.
  2. Try to choose a company that compliments your mission; that has a connection to what you do.  For example: A nonprofit with an environmental mission might partner with a manufacturer of eco-friendly products.

And then once you’ve chosen your partner in cause marketing / branding, remember that donors demand information.  Just as any donor wants updates on what you’re doing with the money they sent you, these consumer-donors are no different.  A sad statistic of the Cone survey is that 45% say nonprofits do NOT disclose enough information! 

Tell donors about the results of the partnership.  Tell them how much money is being raised for your cause.  And tell donors how it’s all helping to solve the problem (i.e., the social issue of your mission).

Reap the Rewards

The rewards for a smart, informative nonprofit-corporate partnership justify the effort.  The Cone survey results show that “…strategic corporate partnerships can help nonprofits stand out and create new, loyal ambassadors,” explains Alison DaSilva, Cone’s executive vice president of Cause Branding. 

A strong, dynamic nonprofit-corporate partnership is something today’s consumers are highly attuned to.  According to the Cone survey, as a result of such a partnership donors say . . .

  • 50% are more likely to donate to the nonprofit
  • 49% are more likely to participate in an event for the nonprofit
  • 41% are more likely to volunteer for the nonprofit

This survey reaffirms what so many other surveys before it have shown: Donors aren’t getting enough of the right information.  But when you supply it . . . they respond favorably with more donations and other support.

Read more about Cone’s survey here.

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