Alternate ways your nonprofit can use Twitter

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A post by Matthew Wlyle on TwiTip listed “5 Alternate Ways to Use Twitter.” I’ve listed 4 of his ideas and added how they can specifically benefit you, or your nonprofit association or charity:

1 – Newsfeed. It’s a tool for keeping you current on news relevant to what you do, and those you serve.

Very soon after venturing into the world of Twitter, I saw how it helped me find stories and articles of interest I hadn’t found on my own. For your nonprofit you can use Twitter to keep current on local, regional, national or international relevant news. And you can even follow journalists who specialize in your “beat.”  Notice what is of interest to them, and when you have something that fits their “beat,” send them a Tweet.  Also, if you follow them they just might follow you.

2 – Find a job.

I’m not in the market for a nonprofit job, but I’ve still noticed 3 people and organizations that advertise and help folks find employement at nonprofits.  Here are the 3 I’ve seen by scanning Tweetdeck each day, and there certainly are more:


Plus here are tips from Mashable on using Twitter to find a job.

3 –Bookmarking. You don’t always have time to read what you find in your Twitter stream at the moment you found it.  Wlyle saysTwitter b-cropped just mark it as a “favorite” and read it later.  You can also “favorite” your own tweets when you want to easily find them again later on. 

This is helpful advice for anyone in any industry or market. 

4 – Follow celebrities. Twitter is a realm where celebrities rub shoulders with  everyday people.

In reality, it’s rare that the celebrity is the person tweeting. But if you want to connect with a celebrity you think might be willing to help your cause, then Twitter is a possibility. 

At the very least you can use this strategy to monitor what other nonprofits are doing. When you see a cool idea, find a way to use it for your own charity or association.

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