A Press Release Without “News”

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How often have you read or heard something like this: “Your press release must be truly newsworthy if you want the media to pick it up.”

It is true . . . however . . . news really means something interesting.

And that includes something as simple as a list of helpful tips.  Many people wouldn’t define that as “news” but a good list is certainly interesting.  The public loves helpful tips and therefore so does the media.

Why?  Because the media wants to deliver what the public wants.

Does your charity have anything to do with children?  Offer safety tips for Hallowe’en Trick or Treating; how to minimize the risk of germs; and so forth.

Are you a faith-based charity?  Publish a list of ideas for a less commercialized Christmas season.  Include family activities, games, and other wholesome ideas.

Is your charity a food bank or soup kitchen?  Your list of helpful tips could be how to stretch the dollar when shopping for and preparing holiday meals.

Two final tips for you:

  1. Have keyword text links back to a unique landing page on your website that continues the story from your press release.  Make certain the donate button is easy to find.
  2. Optimize your list for the search engines to help drive more traffic to your website.

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