10 Years and Not Forgotten

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On September 11, 2011 we mark the 10-year anniversary of the heartless terrorist attacks on the USA.  By an act of Congress this day is designated Patriot Day – a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

I hope you’ll join me and so many others on Sunday and …

Remember ALL those we lost

Say thanks for all the emergency responders on that day and for many days that followed

Say thanks and pay tribute to the members of our Armed Forces who continue to fight the war on terrorism

Flight #93 crash site in Pennsylvania

Americans everywhere are asked to honor all these sacrifices with a moment of silence at 08:46AM Eastern Time. 

Why then?  That’s the time when the first aircraft slammed into the World Trade Center in New York.

Also, please remember to fly the flag on Patriot Day

And if you can’t fly it at half mast until noon (this isn’t possible for most of us who have a bracket mounted on the side of our home), then try to fix a black memorial sash on your flag pole. 

Pentagon in Washington D.C.

You may also choose to visit one of the memorials. (NOTE: There’s a memorial located at each of the three crash sites.)

Four aircraft were hijacked. 

As former President George W. Bush pointed out, this was the first time terrorists used American assets against us.  However, the American spirit prevails and we are stronger than ever.

We have not forgotten our fellow citizens and military who were lost 10 years ago on 9/11.

World Trade Center in New York City

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